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When you buy the HERITAGE VIRTUAL PINBALL MACHINE you are not just buying a carefully custom made and crafted pinball machine with powerful gaming computer inside, you are buying a digital pinball machine that looks and feels just like a mechanical machine! 

With two different feedback engines built inside,  virtual pinball machines feel alive when you play them.  Feel every bounce of the ball, every drop target - you can even feel the ball rolling across the playfield.

All the fun of pinball - without all the hassles of breakdowns

No other virtual pinball machine seamlessly marries together the latest feedback technologies and artistic flare to make a machine that feels real and alive and looks awesome!

Why have one mechanical machine when you can have hundreds of photo-realistic 4K tables all on one machine?  Our virtual pinball machines ship with over 800 tables, with all the latest alt sound files, colour roms and pup packs to ensure you can play all the latest tables. 


- Black powder coated side rails with button guard.

- Back powder coated back box hinges.

- Custom designed shooter rod.

- Genuine coin door with lock and a modified return button used to simulate inserting coins.

- Custom designed topper toy or LCD topper screen.

- Custom powder coated genuine steal pinball legs with the correct splay and ribbing.

- LED Beacon / emergency lights on top (optional).

- Stern style square DMD.

- Black powder coated steel back glass surround with honey comb speaker grill for sleek, stylish look and to provide additional protection to the screens and strength to the cabinet.

- Lock down bar fire button so you can enjoy the latest games that require a fire button.

- Gold leaf flipper buttons for ultra fast zero delay flippers.

- Brand new computers parts inside with Nvidia graphics cards.

- Built in nudge and tilt (yes you can actually nudge the machine and see the ball react on screen!).

- Premium Logitech speakers in the backbox for music and sound effects. This 2.1 sound. system delivers deep, rich sounds.

- Built in tactile speaker system for surround sound feedback.  This also includes a super-bass tactile transducer for super deep feedback sounds.

- Shaker motor.

- Gear motor.

- Knocker solenoid.

- Bright LED lights the flash behind the speaker grill (controlled by games).

- Easy to use volume control.

- 12v Solenoids that react with your flippers, sling shots and pop bumpers. 

- A custom topper with either a model to match your theme or a video topper screen.

- A custom made pinball plunger to match your theme or a normal one.

- Analogue plunger for that genuine real pinball feel.

- All button LED's are controlled by individual games.

- Passive cooling system designed in to the cabinet.  Our cabinets run super cool without the need for 6 noisy RGB fans everywhere.  (Designed by a fully qualified aero space engineer from MIT University these cabinets run cool because carefully designed air vents in the back and top of the machine allow how air to expel and not get trapped inside)



All brands new parts are used in our machines.  This machine features A Ryzen 7 CPU with 16GB DDR4 Ram and the Nvidia 6GB GPU (typically the 2060) with a 1 Terrabyte SSD.



We are constantly updating our software to ensure you get all the latest tables and superb gameplay. 


- Pinup Popper pinball front end.  An easy to use menu selection interface that allows you to easily select from the hundreds of pre-installed tables.  Create and manage playlists and lists of favourites.  Have a favourite list for each member of the household so each player can just easily and quickly skip to their favourite games.

- Visual Pinball 10.7.  This is the main emulator used on our machines and we always use the very latest version.

- All the latest colour DMD roms.

- All the latest alt-sound files to enhance the audio from tables.

- All the latest Pup packs (video backglass files).

- Pinsound Studio which provides some uncompressed audio and music on certain tables.  Making tables ACDC sound even better than the original!

- Thump SSF. A programme that takes the deep bass tactile sounds used for the feedback engine and gives them a massive BOOST - meaning an overall better feedback system.

- Zaccaria tables built-in.  All the classic Zaccaria tables from Steam have been imported in to our system and are fully playable in cabinet mode. 

- Support for Pinball FX2 and FX3.  If you want us to add these for you we can do that free of charge - just let us know.

- A fully featured built-in jukebox system that plays your MP3's from a folder on the computer and provides album and artist media / images and animations on all screens.  The jukebox allows you to turn any games room in to a real party room ! 

- Windows 10 Ghost Spectre operating system. This is a highly modified version of Windows 10 with all the bloatware and unessential windows services removed to speed up your system.  Ghost Spectre is around 33% faster than a standard Win 10 install !   That means a faster pinball machine with zero delay and no interruptions.

- No Windows update downloading pointless updates that mess up your system.

- No Windows Defender blocking important pinball files and slowing down your system as it scans everything!

- 183 Non essential windows services either permanently stopped or removed to speed up the entire system, from the print spooler service to the mail client - all stopped to ensure you have the slickest, fastest computer.

- Built in team viewer remote support. If you get stuck and need some tech support - we are here for you.  Our manufacturer can dial in to your machine from their head office and fix any problems you have.


Cabinet Size

1170mm long

800mm wide (backbox)


Please ensure the machine can fit through your door ! 


This machine is heavy at about 165kg !  You will require at least two strong capable adults to move the machine and install the legs.


*** These machines are NOT a mass produced product. Each machine is custom built. Please allow 4-6 weeks for manufacturing and shipping. For more details please contact our team directly via email - admin@kingcave.com.au ***


We do not accept returns for our machines because they are custom made. If your machine arrives with or develops a problem during your warranty period, we are happy to resolve those issues free of charge. That may involve replacing broken screens, damaged control panels, faulty joysticks or faulty software. Kingcave will do everything we can to ensure you enjoy your custom made product.