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The ProBostonRoll™ Delux is ideal for measured Cocktail Making and is used worldwide by Professional Bartenders for efficient Bartending.

  • Comprehensive set of bar tools in a convenient water-resistant roll case
  • Heavy duty shoulder strap
  • PVC carry case

    Includes the following tools:

    1 Shoulder Strap, 1 ProStirrer1 ProCrush1 EndoBlade1 Snub Nose Strainer1 ProJig1 Stainless Steel Knife1 Chrome ProFlow1 Deco Waiter's Friend, 1 Lemon Zester1 Peeler1 StrainRay1 Tweezer1 Boston Tin & Boston Glass, 1 C-Press1 Juliep1 Carry Case
      Dimension (LxH): 445x 180 mm (17.5 x 7.0 in)
      Weight: 3370 gm (7.43 lbs) (weight of the packaging not included)
      Material: Stainless steel
      Colours: Chrome