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Receiving or gifting a bartender Lux Roll, is as good as it gets.

The Lux Roll includes the leatherette bag with shoulder strap plus 11 craft bar tools crafted by Überbartools™,  leaders in bar tool innovation.

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LuxRoll™ Contents:

BarMister™, BarRay™, EndoBlade™, Juliep™, M Shaker™, LuxFork™, LuxPik™, ProMegjig™, ProPaddle™, ProTeardrop™, ProTrident™, Tweezer

  • Comprehensive set of bar tools in a convenient water-resistant roll case
  • Available in World, US & Canadian versions
  • Heavy duty shoulder strap
  • Leatherette carry case
Dimension (LxH): 380 x 170 mm (15 x 6.7 in)
Weight: 1960 gm (4.32 lbs) (weight of the packaging not included)
Material: Various
Colours: Tan